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From There To Here


    Hello and welcome to my Web Page. I guess at this point I'm supposed to say something profound and moving about photography, that's not really me.  I don't look at my photos as art or a statement about the world or the human condition, they are just photos!  Yes, I try to capture emotions, or intensity of action or perhaps a fleeting moment. I think that my shots are really just small time capsules of passing light and shadow, captured, shared and hopefully enjoyed by others.  

       Everyone seems to take pictures now, a world sinking under the deluge of quick images of selfies and food etc, instantly posted onto social networks. For me,  it's a pleasure to be a little more deliberate in my choices of things to shoot, as well as spending time crafting the photo for its best presentation before sharing it.  

     I do love photography, and have loved it since I was given an Istamatic 126 back in 1963. Getting back those first square black and white prints from our local Boots Chemist a week or so later sold me! Holding them in my hands, I realised that I had created something that did not exist until I saw it in my viewfinder and clicked the shutter.  It was pretty powerful stuff for a nine year old schoolboy and that same feeling survives today. 

     Many years later, the cameras have changed (many times) but the joy of photography has not. I've shot all sorts of things in the past. Now I find myself more of an events photographer. It can be quite challenging as one has to be sure of not missing that "never to be repeated" moment, like the Marathon winner crossing the finish line, and then getting the edited shots up on social media ASAP.

   Most of my events happen outside but I can also shoot indoor events as well. Please feel free to drop me a line using the contact form below if you want to order photos or talk further.


Tony Austin

Recent work in shows

Sooke Fine Arts Show 2021
Feathers, Fur and Fauna.

Photographic History

Organizations who I've worked for
       or have used my photos.

National Geographic Junior, Benelux     Philosophie Magazine,Paris
The Smithsonian            NPR                                    CBC
CBS                                  GEO France                       IFL Science London
My Modern Met           As it Happens (interview)  Yahoo
the Weather Channel     Flipboard                           CTV
CHEK TV                          PetaPixel                            Capital News
Runners of Compassion            Knowledge Network                       Mind Over Matter (MOMA)                                       Metro Theatre                          Wave Length Magazine                   TC 10k
Get Out There Magazine            Friends of Cole Island                    Gut Buster Adventure Race
Times Colonist                          CFB Esquimalt Naval Museum        Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon
Metchosin Muse                       Parks Canada                                Prairie Harriers
Rugby Canada                           La Nuit Blanche                             Vancouver Island Race Series
Goldstream Gazette                   Sugoi                                            Victoria Esquimalt Military Re-enactors Association
Vancouver Magazine                  Fall Persuasion                              Township of Robe,South Australia
Runner's World                         Edge to Edge Marathon                  Friends of Fort McCauley 
Island Parent                             Victoria Polo Association                 National Rugby Post
Tourism Victoria                         Calgary Sun                                   5th Field Regiment
Canadian Running Magazine       Sooke Triathlon                             The Goddess Run
Image Magazine                        Tim Bit Challenge                           Osprey publishing. 
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